Studio B Launches Indiegogo Campain as Part of Expansion Efforts

After just two years at 608 Mass Ave, Studio B is MOVING ON UP...well around the corner to the East St. Side of the Argyle building. The move will more than double existing space from 1700sf to 3100sf and provide even greater opportunities for the programming and "creative exchange" Studio B is known for. In an effort to increase the productivity and creativity in our new playground, is launching an Indiegogo campaign to raise $10,000 to add technology in March.  By enhancing to include technology for streaming, producing, recording and edited playback of events and individuals, mobile app development along with enhancing programmatic efforts for the Sassee B Society for women and entrepreneurs, CreativeExchange, and KICK, we can:

  • increase the awareness, audience and revenue streams for the bright and motivated creatives, entrepreneurs and social do-gooders in Indianapolis; 
  • provide engaging educational workshops and seminars on a variety of topics related to building and sustaining a creative enterprise;
  • encourage relationship and community building through new experiences and individuals who are moving Indy forward; and
  • support women as kick-ass leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs on their journey to SUCCESS.



Studio B is a place for creative exchange providing community and co‐working space for all and a launchpad for women. It is a hub of creative and entrepreneurial activity and a community of social enterprising doers.