altMBA with Erin Albert


I was fortunate enough to be part of Seth Godin's inaugural altMBA class. It was an amazing experience, and I want to share it with you, so you can get the powerful messages and lessons, without the $3K pricetag.

[Seth Godin's altMBA is about change. Changing the culture, changing the market, changing ourselves. It is a  new way to make decisions and to explore the posture of taking a stand. Most of all, it’s the practice of being committed.]

In this session, I'll walk through the course layout, the lessons and projects we collaborated on and shipped--with classmates from all over the world.  This class has a limited audience size, and no refunds on registration will be given.  A handful of scholarships/free tickets are available, but justification for a scholarship should be submitted to: by July 31, in 100 words or less, with your name and contact information for consideration.  This will be the only time in the Indy area I will share this info. All proceeds are going to Studio B Creative Exchange, so they can continue to support the creative class in Indy...I'm not personally making a dime on this event.  I merely want to share it with you! Click here to grab your seat or to donate. 

Dr. Erin Albert is an entrepreneur, writer, pharmacist, attorney, and associate professor. She is the founder of two companies (Pharm, LLC and Yuspie, LLC), and currently is the Director of Continuing Education, and Director of the Ribordy Center for Community Practice Pharmacy at Butler University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.   Her books have been featured in The Huffington Post, the BBC, NPR,,, Forbes, and The New York Times. She was quoted on pharmacy practice in The Wall Street Journal.   Learn more about Erin Albert , here.